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Training of scientific staff in the KUL of NASU is highly prioritized in further development of the educational establishment. Taking into account the need of higher educational institutions and scientific establishments in senior qualification professionals and presence of the required scientific and material base, the Kyiv University of Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has opened up a Graduate School in 2001 (by order # 695 of the Minister of Education and Science (dated 22.10.2001).    

The Graduate School of the KUL of NASU is one of the main sources of continuous replenishment and revival of the university intellectual potential. The University trains postgraduate students and degree applicants in the following legal subjects:     

12.00.01 – Theory and History of the State and Law; History of Political and Legal Studies; 

12.00.03 – Civil Law and Civil Procedure; Family Law; International Private Law;  

12.00.04 – Economic Law; Economic Procedural Law; 

12.00.05 – Labor Law; Social Security Law;  

12.00.07 – Administrative Law and Procedure; Financial Law; Information Law; 

12.00.08 – Criminal Law and Criminology; Criminal Executive Law;  

12.00.11 – International Law.

Studying at the Graduate School of th KUL of NASU is based on progressive educational technologies for achieving the highest quality of training of the teaching and scientific staff.


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